Aja Monet at Carrie Mae Weem's Convention of Artists and Intellectuals in NYC

Carrie Mae Weems ended her year-long residency at the Park Avenue Armory on Sunday by asking a group of like-minded artists, scholars, and creators to spend the day contemplating violence and healing. She called the 10-hour event “The Shape of Things,” taken from the title of a 1993 photograph she took in Mali.

The impressive Gilded-age space is itself saturated with symbols that glorify 19th-century state-sanctioned violence, serving as a powerful backdrop for an event where most presentations addressed crimes against black and brown bodies.

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Colleen Mondor Reviews Shadowhouse Falls for Locus

Here’s a sequel I’ve been very excited to read: Daniel José Older’s Shadowhouse Fall! Following up on the smash hit, Shadowshaper, the sequel returns to Brooklyn and its band of unlikely teen ‘‘urban sorcerers’’ in yet another exciting thriller that tackles both the prevailing social issues of our time and some dark monsters intent on nefarious deeds. Every­thing Older excelled at in the first book is back and then some, with plenty of righteous teen anger blended into a larger story about, well, the future of the world. Most importantly, protagonist Sierra continues to be a perfect combination of power and pathos, as she leads the members of Shadowhouse into the fight of their lives and a new chapter in this ongoing series. Read more...

Tradition by Brendan Kiely Teaches Men How to be Better Feminists

In their award-winning novel All American Boys, co-authors Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely gave readers more than a timely problem novel about racism and violence; they used their powerful story to encourage young readers to figure out who they were and what they truly stood for. Now, in his solo upcoming YA novel, New York Times bestselling author Brendan Kiely is once again asking readers the examine tough issues in a meaningful way with Tradition, a compelling new novel about male privilege, consent, and finding the courage to do what is right. Read more...